Having Sur Transportation arrive early and stay late has proven over and over again to be extremely valuable to our clients. 

Big Sur is a little different, in that time seems to slow down.

Being flexible with you and your guests timeline will add so much to your visit. 

Not hiring Sur Transportation for a wedding or personal tour, but rather a private shuttle, dinner ride, production or special event?

Please reach out for a custom rate.

Private Tour or Wedding? Keep Reading!


Flexibility is built into the DNA of those who call Big sur home

Flexibility is built into the DNA of those who call Big sur home




  • Wedding Hourly Service
    • $110 per hour plus 23% for Fees
    • 5 hour minimum for Weddings
    • Fees includes Processing Fees & Public Utilities Commission Taxes
  • Wedding All Day Service
    • Save by booking Sur Transportation for All Day Service.
    • $1500 Flat Fee includes Fees 
    • Let us show up early, take grandma home after sunset, get the guests back to their lodging, and chauffeur some of your more lively guests to a local venues so that they may continue the celebration.
    • We wont stop working until you send us home!
  • 4 Hour Big Sur Coastal Tour
    • Groups of 2-10 people
    • $390 plus 23% for Fees
    • Local perspective
    • Oral history
    • Personality influenced tours


  • All Day Big Sur to Hearst Castle Coastal Tour
    • The best West Coast Tour you'll ever take!
    • Small or Large Groups, up to 10 people
    • Please call for Rates


All payments are to be made in full and are non-refundable  

Rates are subject to change and are finalized with a sales order